Mother's Day Dinner Delight Package (serves 3-4+)
Celebrate Mother's Day, with a sprinkle of sunshine on top! Your choice of dessert includes a colorful summery sprinkle mix, "When Life Gives You Lemons," to honor our clever, creative moms.   We've prepared a delightful collection of dishes, all ready to reheat...
Shimmering Mimosa Shimosa Kit
Savor sparkles in every sip! Your shimmering, dazzling, delicious bundle features a bottle of sparkling wine & eight flavors with colorful, 100% edible / food-safe glitter. (You can find all 18 colors individually here!) An "artist palette" laser-cut from maple holds...
$60.00 $50.00
Grecian Soap Company "Popsicles"
These luxurious goats milk soaps are playfully packaged like popsicles -- the perfect treat for your next bath. These soaps are free of parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals, & scented with natural botanical aromatics. Each is individually plastic-wrapped with a matching...
Brew Glitter
Bring sparkle to every sip, with a sprinkle of magic!    Brew Glitter is wonderfully shiny, entirely edible glitter-dust used in beverages. Each glitter exclusively uses FDA approved food safe ingredients & these dusts are 100% consumable. These shiny sparkle dusts have a...
Donut Bath Bomb
Soak up the sugar with adorable "donut" bath bombs. These fizzy, fabulous treats are infused with glitter, sprinkles, & all the luxurious bubbles you're craving.  Ages 4+, not edible. Can leave slick tub residue or irritate sensitive skin. Ingredients: shea butter,...
Tropical Mimosa Bundle
This bundle of delight features a bottle of bubbly, and four cups including an assortment of four tropical fruit nectars and juices. Our rotation varies seasonally, and includes: Mango, Passionfruit, Blood Orange, Pink Guava, & Lavender Lemon, & Pomegranate. Ready to pop...
from $30.00
Glass Teapot
Perfect for enjoying our blooming, flowering teas! Can handle boiling water, put on heat source (no open flame). Volume 800ml / 27 fl oz heat-resistant glassware can handle water up to 248°f / 120 °c durable but lightweight, weighs only...
Flowering Tea
from $12.00
Flowering Tea
Blooming teas are made by gently infusing healthy green tea leaves with the essence of fruit and wrapping them around delicate dried flowers. What you get is the vegetal flavor of the tea with all its health benefits finished with...
from $12.00
Springtime Sprinkle Magic Gift Basket
Hold onto your easter bonnets, sweeties! This adorable laser-cut basket includes lots of goodies, featuring our new "Sprinkle Magic" mixes. These mixes are perfect to add to ice cream, pancakes, waffles, or your favorite dessert treat! Enjoy scrumptious, snappable chocolate bars & crunchy Jordan...
from $35.00
Sping Spiced Carrot Cake with "Sprinkle Magic" Frosting (contains pecans)
Our latest dessert delight is this enchanting spring spiced carrot cake decorated with spring-themed Sprinkle Magic cream cheese frosting, with colorful pecan easter eggs. The special sprinkle blend is one of many to come! (contains pecans)
Mini Surprize Ball Flower Bulb
Bring the beauty of blooming flowers to fill your party with brightly colored petals all year round. Our Surprise Ball is cleverly hidden in the bulb! Unwind to find your prizes. Comes in a variety of eye fetching flower colors. Contains...
Nectar Republic Apothecary Candles
Crafted in small batches in Kansas, these large apothecary candles blend soy, beeswax and artisan fragrance, finished with dried flowers and herbs. This glass vessel and cork closure also make great reusable storage containers.
Meditation Candle & Tea Light Set
Luscious botanicals meet dazzling crystals in this elegant handmade candle. The delicately-layered aromas fill the room, & after 30+ hours of burning we hope you keep or share the gemstones.    Made with great care and intention, the candles are ideal for...
from $30.00
Botanic Collection
Over half a pound of herbal, floral chocolates! Includes:  1 Blackberry Sage Chocolate Bar, 61% Dark (Vegan) 1 Sweet Basil Mint Chocolate Bar, 72% Dark (Vegan) 1 Orange Peel Anise Chocolate Bar, 61% Dark (Vegan) 1 Macadamia Ginger Chocolate Bar, 35% White 10 Creamy Caramels in Dark and...
Sea Salt Collection
Over a half pound of deliciousness, featuring all our favorite exotic sea salts. Includes: 1 Espresso Toffee Bar, 61% Dark 1 Salted Dulce de Leche Chocolate Bar, 31% White 1 Peanut Butter Toffee Chocolate Bar, 55% Dark 1 Sea Salt Nib...
Sweetheart Collection
Over a half pound of heartwarming deliciousness! Includes: 1 Hibiscus Berry Chocolate Bar, 81% Dark (Vegan) 1 Macadamia Ginger Chocolate Bar, 35% White 1 Chile Hazelnut Chocolate Bar, 38% Milk 1 Cinnamon Brown Sugar Chocolate Bar, 38% Milk 10 Creamy Caramels in Dark...
Winter Collection
Over half a pound of refreshing chocolates! Includes: 1 Peanut Butter Toffee Chocolate Bar, 55% Dark 1 Iced Fruitcake Chocolate Bar, 31% White 1 Peppermint Nib Chocolate Bar, 31% White 1 Gingerbread Crumb Chocolate Bar, 55% Dark 10 Creamy Caramels in Dark and Milk...
Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak
Enjoy a soothing Dead Sea salt soak to relieve tired/aching muscles, promote circulation, and soften your skin.  Relax and breath in the aromatherapy benefits to help promote a restful sleep. (8 oz) Unwind: notes of peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptusRetreat: notes of lavender and...
Crystal Bath Bomb
Soak up the sparkle magic in these cute, fragrant bath bombs. Each features a thematic crystal & all-natural, safe, non-toxic botanicals. All Apt. 6 products are made from natural, safe, and non-toxic ingredients, which makes them suitable for people of all...
from $12.00
Artisan Cheese & Fruits Platter (serves 4 to 8)
Featuring three cheeses (1.5 lb), assorted seasonal fruit, chile burnt caramel, & vanilla crostini.  === Thank you for shopping small. We love connecting our community through food, so we’re now your friendly neighborhood chocolatier, bistro — & bodega! Our collection...
Brunch Box (serves 4-6)
Indulge in a delicious sweet & savory brunch feast, featuring our favorite favorite dishes. Just choose your date & time below, & we'll have everything ready to collect curbside or for local delivery. Easy to toast up when you arrive at...
SABÉ Cocktail
from $6.00
SABÉ Cocktail
SABÉ's lovely canned cocktails feature real distilled spirits blended with a high-quality neutral base. In a SABÉ cocktail, you’ll smell and taste the flavors of the premium ingredients shining through, while it finishes with an unparalleled smoothness. Their goal is...
from $6.00
Wine Bottle
We now offer all life's necessities: fresh fruit & produce from local farms, handmade chocolate -- and a full bottle list. Enjoy a decadent wine & chocolate date night at home.  Call ahead to pre-order brunch/dinner or dessert. (619) 578-2984, ext. 0...
Beer Growler (64 fl oz)
We now offer all life's necessities: fresh fruit & produce from local farms, handmade chocolate -- and a full bottle list. Enjoy a bottle of beer & chocolate date night at home.  Call ahead to pre-order brunch/dinner or dessert.  (21+)

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